we are the mamas



Hi Welcome to Mama Made Inc. My name is Maureen, I've started three companies before becoming a mom, business as alway been an attraction of mine. After my precious little boy arrived I became a stay at home mom. Becoming a mother wasn't the easiest journey for me, which I'll be posting about soon. After my second son was born four month prematurely and 118 day NICU stay, I found myself at home trying to navigate life of a full time stay at home mom, which was a bit of a gear change for me. 

While spending my days nursing my son, like every 21st century mom, I scrolled my Instagram feed and found myself completely immersed in these " mamapreneur". Loving on their post and the strength these women showed I couldn't help but think of developing a place where moms like me can find inspiration from these "mamapreneur" but also a place where veterans "mom bosses" can find encouragement and support through each other. So Mama Made Inc was born! 

I hope you enjoy reading about these fabulous, inspiring women and their amazing companies! 

Photo By @isaimages

Photo By @isaimages