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Meet Colleen & Colleen of Mama Said Tees


Soul sisters and mamas created a pretty incredible company called Mama Said Tees with a simple message in mind "Be kind". I've been following these two inspiring women for some time when I stumbled upon their Instagram one day while nursing my son. The joy and passion they promote through their feed is contagious ( go have a look yourself @mamasaidtees). So without further more.

Meet Colleen B. & Colleen S.

Tell us a Little about yourself and your business.

MST is owned and operated by two Colleens. Colleen B lives in the Chicago area and is the business/BODY side of our little company that can. Colleen S (that's me) lives in the Indy area and she is more of the creative/SOUL side. They both, however, are equal parts HEART, and that's what makes their partnership so unique and genuine AND successful!

How did you come up with your company's name?

We wanted it to be something reflecting our mission of spreading kindness, and thought what better way than to incorporate being moms and wanting the world to be a better place for our children!


What made you start your business and how did you start it?

We, Colleens, met online due to shared interests and connected instantly. We both loved buying from small shops and had some great ideas and one thing led to another!

What's it like being a business owner and mom?

We both feel very blessed to do what we do. We will never ever say that what we do is easy, but it is most certainly worth it. We both have help (hired and otherwise) and dedicate countless hours to our business and simply making the world a better place.

What has been your greatest lesson in business/ motherhood?

That everything seems impossible until it's done. And that when it's done, you realize what life is all about, and that's enjoying time with your family and friends and sitting back to actually breathe in all the GOOD that you're creating.


Do you have any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs/mothers?

You can do it. You can do ANYTHING you truly want to do. Did you know that Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team? Did you know that Dr. Seuss's first book was rejected by 27 publishers? We KNOW with everything that we are that what we are doing is worth it. And if it's worth doing, it's worth all of the sweat and tears that go into it! Just remember that sometimes you need to take a break. Step back. Let things ride. Take time for YOU and take time for your family. Being a stay at home WORKING mom is tricky business, but where there's a will there's always always always a way. SHOOT FOR THE MOON! Even if you miss... you know what they say... you'll land among the stars. 


 What does a β€œnormal” day in your house look like?

For Colleen B, I don't even know where to begin. MST is located in an office in her basement. When she has her right-hand woman/sitter over to watch her 2 boys and daughter dog, she is camping out down there answering emails, paying bills, placing orders, folding shirts, packaging... the list goes on and on. She is CONSTANTLY managing all the little things that make our business big!!! She is... simply amazing. And I'm SO thankful to and for her! For me (Colleen S) each day is different. I have 5 kids and so on the days I have help, things are semi-organized, but I'm always working on and off all day and lots and lots of nights. I am the designer/social media manager. I never have all my ducks in a row. And I'm ok with that :)

Besides business and your family, do you have any hobbies you love to enjoy (when you have the time)?

Colleen B enjoys spending time on the lake with her family and friends. She is also a sexy dance teacher, a chocolate, and Starbucks lover, and is freakishly good at taking pictures and making people feel special!!!! I LOVE a good book. I never HAVE time, but I make time. It's just a part of what makes me happy! And other than that, I juggle my kids' basketball, baseball, lacrosse, piano, soccer, tee-ball, school drop offs and play date schedules. They are way cooler than I'll ever be! I could have a full-time job in laundry/cleaning alone, but luckily I have lots of help!

I’m a huge coffee lover, and I'm always looking for new types, do you have a particular favorite?

OH! CB and I both just discovered the lightly sweetened Starbucks 1/2 gallon iced coffee! And we both love vanilla flavored creamer :)


If you could travel anywhere in the world where would that be?

CB is a bit of a Chicago/Wisconsin homebody. Totally content with her roots and not a real strong desire to travel! I, however, I want to go EVERYWHERE! I would love to travel Europe. Start in England, and head over to Italy, Greece, Australia, Dubai. Anywhere there is history. History is my favorite!


Who have you looked up to the most in life?

We would BOTH say... our moms :)

 If your children learn one thing from you what would you wish that to be?

We can both agree that we just want our children to understand that no matter what you grow up to do, being kind is the single most important thing they will EVER be.

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