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Inspiring Women of 2016

With 2016 almost at an end, one can't help but reflect on the past year. When starting this little blog of mine this July, I had no idea the amazing women and mamas I would meet from that point on. So to celebrate the amazing women I've had the pleasure and honor to share I've picked my favorite quotes to highlight these inspiring Mamas and business owners. 


Inspiring Mamas of 2016


Colleen and Colleen

Mama Said Tees

We can both agree that we just want our children to understand that no matter what you grow up to do, being kind is the single most important thing they will EVER be.
— Colleen and Colleen

Kaylee and Shalayne

Gingerlayne Co

I want them to learn to challenge themselves and experience the exhilaration that comes from growth and overcoming obstacles.
— Kaylee
Everything is better with your sister!! Seriously, we would both say we couldn’t do motherhood or our business as well without each other. When one of us is at our wits end or feels like giving up, the other has capacity and perspective to help. All the meltdowns, messes, and fight breakups become hilarious when you have someone to tell them about. Not everyone has a blood sister to turn to, so friends totally count as sisters too. We mamas need each other!!
— Shalayne
I know that life will have its struggles for each of them, but I want them to feel loved and supported by us so that they are able to make their own decisions and good decisions at that.
— Ang

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Little Sapling Toys

When I learned to honor myself for the good instead of the shortcomings, it changed my life. In turn, I try to keep my self talk positive. For example; for years I would try to make goals to get to sleep earlier. It evolved into constantly feeling like a failure because I would stay up late working night after night. When I learned to honor myself, I simply said, “I’m a hard worker. I stay up late working and it’s one of the reasons I own a successful company.” Honoring myself has freed a lot of anxiety and that energy is much better spent of my family and business.
— Kimber

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Alice and Ames

I would say try to have fun with it! What’s the point of owning your own business if you’re not enjoying yourself along the way? If you’re comparing, taking anything too seriously, or being too hard on yourself— snap out of it! Get to work and have some fun!
— Stacie

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Happy Soriee

Don’t give up. Don’t settle. It’s never too late. I am turning 30 this September, it took me until I was 29 (ahem, which is still young!) to figure out what I really wanted to do with my career. There’s nothing wrong with that. What would be wrong is if I just said, oh well I can’t compete with these 25 year olds who have it all figured out, and just stayed at my desk job I hated. I decided that I would go back to school and really explore what this thing is that I recently found I love so much. My business took a bunch of turns before it became what it is. I kind of just let it takes it’s own course, I followed it and love where it took me. So if it doesn’t work out exactly the way you imagined, do not give up! Just go with it! Create that dream job of yours. The greatest thing you can do is inspire your children to go for their dreams.
— Melinda
My biggest lesson in business and motherhood have been one in the same and that is some days will be hard, you might want to give up but there will always be a new day that something amazing happens and it makes is all worth it.
— Carrie

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Minted Method Shop

I want them to have a good work ethic. Nothing great comes easy.
— Sasha

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Minnow Swim

I think everyone has to find what works best for them. I originally thought I could just bounce a baby on my hip and answer emails — I quickly realized that I was slacking trying to do both simultaneously. So, I schedule a part time childcare so that when I am working I can focus in and when I am with my son and I am all there enjoying my time with him.
— Morgan

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Megan and Brynlee

The Stock Place

Taking joy in the journey. Often times business and motherhood get overwhelming and it can be easy to worry and stress about the future but we try to be present and enjoy the things currently going on and we are much happier.
— Megan and Brynlee

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Oma and Jo

JOLEEN ( not a mother yet) - DAUGHTER OF MONIKA- Co- owner of Oma and jo  

JOLEEN ( not a mother yet) - DAUGHTER OF MONIKA- Co- owner of Oma and jo


All parts of life - business, family, and just being yourself - can be a challenge. But if we can stay positive, work hard, and choose happiness then it is ALL worth it!
— Joleen

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Lachlan and Lenny

I have always had a job and gone to school. I loved school and I loved to work. I was good at both and for a long time I really let that define me. Then all of the sudden I was thrust into this new space of motherhood where I was at home and giving my all to this little person who couldn’t speak and give me good grades or pay raises to let me know how I was doing. I had to define myself in other ways and to be honest for a little time I was lost. I no longer knew what I looked like as a person outside of motherhood. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my children, and I chose this way of life, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy. Then I started to paint again.
— Georgie
828A6926 (1).jpeg
I’ve learned to help others and accept help when I need it. We’ve had so many people give us help without any expectations of getting something in return. We’ve tried to offer the same help to others because it’s meant so much to us.
— Angie
You never know what you can do until you try. I had no idea I could run a business. I still question my abilities. But my kids and my work both have stretched me further than I thought possible. I learn from both my kids and work every single day.
— Betsy

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Handmade Happiness by Ruth

I could guilt myself into thinking that all playdates and family meals need to be Pinterest worthy, or I can focus on time spent together and dinner together. A story can be read on the floor in the office, it doesn’t always have to be in the special story chair. An email can be sent quickly, it doesn’t have to be perfect. I’m definitely still learning this one.
— Ruth

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Harper and Bay

I love being a “mompreneur”! It is definitely a balancing act! I try to set goals each week of things I need to accomplish for work and things I would like to do with my girls. I have such an incredible support system that helps me juggle. It really take a village to raise children and even more so when you are also trying to run a company.
— Taisja

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A Family Print Shop

No amount of success or money can compete with getting to take part in raising and loving another soul. Mothering is always first for me.
— Essie

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Brin and Bell

Never give up!!! If you want something bad enough, it will happen! Just keep trying. Believe in yourself!!!!
— Lindsay
Motherhood came very unexpectedly for me. With that comes inexperience and a great learning curve. I had no idea that I wanted to stay at home with my baby; I had no idea that the career I was in wasn’t really a great fit for me and my lifestyle. It took me a long time to make peace with that decision and move on.
— Trang

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Yorkelee Prints

Dont give up, if you’re passionate about what you do, you’ll find a way. People are going to say no, you will get rejected, but don’t take it personally, keep moving and look for the next opportunity. Remaining positive is very important.
— Kate

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You can be a good mom and still follow your career dreams. It might look different than you expected, but you can do it
— Rebecca

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Honeycomb Studio

I want them to learn 1) curiosity, 2) to be people of action, and 3) to be people with compassion and grace for others. I think those are pretty solid components for good and interesting human beings.
— Courtney

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My children. Everything I do is for them. I want to give them a bright and successful future. I’m going to be a bit transparent here; I need to succeed because I have to ensure that my son with autism gets all the treatments that he needs. I need to make sure that when it’s my time to leave this earth that my boys are fully taken care of.
— Shelly

Huge thank you to all these mamas for allowing me to share a little of who they are and what got them started and what keeps them motivated. 2017 has some pretty great things in store so make sure you've signed up to our newsletter!

Happy New Year!!