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Meet Kate of Yorkelee Prints

Dont give up, if you’re passionate about what you do, you’ll find a way. People are going to say no, you will get rejected, but don’t take it personally, keep moving and look for the next opportunity. Remaining positive is very important.
— Kate

Meet Kate of Yorkleee Prints our first International mama. Located in beautiful Austraila! She has an online art prints and posters store, that specializing in unique wall art! Read up on the cool mama  then check out her prints!

Meet Kate



Tell us a Little about yourself, your family and your business.

We're an online print store, providing on-trend Scandinavian-inspired print designs to decorate interiors. We ship worldwide and love inspiring our customers to create unforgettable interior spaces.

What did you do before starting Yorkelee Prints?

I worked in the advertising industry for over 15 years before going on maternity leave to have my eldest son Yorke. I studied graphic design at university for 4 years straight after school, then worked in several agencies here in Canberra learning design, studio management, project management, media buying and how to manage and operate small business. My last role was Operations Manager at the largest advertising agency here in Canberra, called ZOO Advertising.

How did you come up with your company name and why? 

My company name is a combination of my two sons' names, Yorke Levi (my eldest) and Morrissey Lee to create our business name Yorkelee. I wanted to incorporate both their names as I just love my boys names and they're the reason I work so hard!

What inspired you to start your own business and how did you start it? 

Yorkelee started organically, I was contracting to several corporate clients doing advertising, design and marketing services, so I wanted a creative outlet, a hobby that allowed me to create designs that I was passionate about. So I started designing prints for the home, when we would have friends over, they all loved them and wanted to buy them, which is why I created the website. My friend (who now works with us here at Yorkelee) D'Arne encouraged me to get on social media and since then it's been going nuts!

Is there a specific tool you use that makes managing a business easier? 

My iphone calendar is my life, I would be lost without it, I set reminders daily, both business and personal and it makes life a lot easier.

What were some of the learning curves of just starting out? 

There's been a lot! I have learnt so much about online marketing and social media since starting Yorkelee, one of the biggest learning curves that I still struggle with is balancing business and personal life while working from home. It's easy to keep working and let the business consume you when it's around all the time, I have learnt how important it is to set your own working hours and stick to them.

What's it like being a business owner and mom, how do you schedule both? 

It's hard work! I set my working hours and try very hard to stick to them, I like to be as organised as possible. I finish work in the afternoons after picking the boys up from pre-school and day care and we take our dog Chino for a walk, the boys ride their bikes and we sometimes stop at the park, or we stay inside and make cupcakes. I also schedule time on weekends to print and package, but I don't like working weekends, I try to have that time as 'family time' and make sure we are focusing on the boys and having fun together.

What has been your greatest lesson in business and motherhood?

Other than the work life balance, I would say working in the small business myself, after working in advertising, managing people, I was used to delegating and managing the processes, but not 'doing' a lot of the actual work myself. I have learnt so much more from having to physically do all of the work myself and learnt what works and what doesn't.

Do you have any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs? 

Don't give up, if you're passionate about what you do, you'll find a way. People are going to say no, you will get rejected, but don't take it personally, keep moving and look for the next opportunity. Remaining positive is very important.

What does a “normal” day in your home look like? 

A crazy mess. Lots of caffeine and a very untidy house most of the time!

Besides business and your family, do you have any hobbies you love to enjoy (when you have the time)? 

I love creating art, I'm lucky as this is the core of my business, so I'm often contributing to the business when I'm creating a new artwork or design. I love netball, watching Ice Hockey and I'm a sucker for reality tv.

I can't start my day without coffee. What's that one thing you need every day to kickstart yourself? *

I don't drink coffee, but I need caffeine, so I generally have coke (bad I know), I'm also a huge fan of Dandelion tea, it's so good!


Who has been your greatest inspiration to you in your life and why? *

My parents have been huge influences and inspiration to me, my father has a disability called CMT, he has never let his disability get in the way of achieving whatever he wanted in life. I feel this positive outlook has helped me growing up and now with my own business, attitude is so important. My Mum is equally as inspirational, I'm very close to my Mum, we are best friends and she has always supported me in everything I do.

If you could travel anywhere or do anything in the world what would that be? 

I still haven't been to Europe, so I'm super keen to get over there!

If your children learn one thing from you what would you wish that to be? 

How to be ambitious while maintaining humble.

Any other comments or advice you would like to share?

Thank you so much for featuring us!

Thank you Kate, for a little behind the scenes of @yorkelee_Prints